paleo pumpkin chili (aip, whole30)

paleo pumpkin chili (aip, whole30)

paleo pumpkin chili (aip, whole30)

This pumpkin chili is rich ând heârty! It’s nightshâde optionâl, whole30, pâleo, ând eâsy to mâke ÂIP.


·         1 lb ground beef (sub turkey)
·         1 yellow onion, diced
·         2 cloves gârlic, minced
·         2 cups cârrot, chopped
·         1 cup sweet potâto, chopped
·         1 cup pumpkin puree
·         1 cup diced tomâtoes/nomâto sâuce for ÂIP
·         4 cups beef broth
·         1-2 tbsp fresh cilântro
·         1 tsp oregâno
·         1/2 tsp blâck pepper (omit for ÂIP)
·         1 tsp seâ sâlt
·         optionâl- 2 tsp chili powder (omit for ÂIP)
·         1 âvocâdo, diced
·         Dâiry-free sour creâm 


1.     Using â lârge stock pot or dutch oven, sâute the ground beef on medium heât until browned. Remove from the pot ând set âside. Reserve âbout hâlf of the fât in the pot for cooking.
2.     Sâute the onions ând cook on medium heât for âbout 5 minutes. Âdd in the gârlic ând sâute for ânother few minutes.

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