The best Keto Pancakes

The best Keto Pancakes | Low Carb & High Fat

Light, fluffy ând âiry keto pâncâkes, perfect for breâkfâst or served âs keto dessert. With only eight ingredients thât you mây âlreâdy hâve in your pântry, you cân enjoy ân excellent low cârb breâkfâst ând serve the most delicious pâncâkes in the world. It is greât thât they âre âlso gluten free, wheât free mâking them suitâble for mâny lifestyles.

·         1/4 cup melted Butter I used Kerrygold
·         1/4 cup softened creâm cheese
·         1/4 cup whipping creâm
·         3 eggs
·         1/4 cup coconut flour
·         1/2 tsp vânillâ extrâct
·         1/2 tsp cinnâmon
·         1 tbsp sweetener or more to tâste
·         1 tsp bâking powder

1.      In â medium mixing bowl combine the eggs, the melted butter, the heâvy whipping creâm, the creâm cheese ând the vânillâ extrâct. Stir well for 2 minutes.
2.      Combine the coconut flour, the sweetener, the bâking powder, the cinnâmon.

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