Jâpânese Souffle Pâncâke

recipe by Shihoko | Chopstick Chronicles(thank you)

Âiry fluffy Jâpânese souffle pâncâke recipe
 Âuthor: Shihoko | Chopstick Chronicles
v  2 egg(lârge) ân egg weighed âbout 55g
v  15 g sugâr
v  ½ tbsp. mâyonnâise
v  ½ tbsp. milk
v  20 g flour
v  ¼ tsp creâm of târtâr
1.       Sepârâte the egg yolk ând the egg white into two different bowls.
2.       Keep the egg white refrigerâted until it’s reâdy to be whipped.
3.       Set the cooking plâte temperâture to â very low or keep wârm setting.
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