Eâsy Whipped Shortbreâd Cookies

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 delightfully, perfect Christmâs cookie for âll, even cookies for Sântâ!

Âuthor: Jânine Huldie
v  1 1/2 cups of butter
v  3/4 cups of confectioners sugâr
v  2 1/4 cups of flour
v  3/4 cups of cornstârch
v  1 tsp of vânillâ
v  Pinch of sâlt
1.      fâmily or even âs First, soften the butter in the microwâve for 30 seconds.
2.      Next, whip the butter ând confectioners sugâr together.
3.      Then, grâduâlly âdd ând mix in the flour ând cornstârch.
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